Casualty Claims

VANGUARD is proud to offer some of the industry’s most experienced and talented casualty investigators and negotiators. With decades of liability claims handling experience on staff, there is no type of third party risk to which we have not been exposed.

casualty claims - slip and fallSlippery roads, unshoveled sidewalks, grumpy canines and overly accommodating bartenders can keep your liability department very busy and VANGUARD is here to help. From a simple scene work-up to a full fatality adjustment, VANGUARD has been delivering superior liability adjusting since our very first day. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail, our timeliness and our knowledge of local statutes and case law. With aggressive pursuit of involved parties and thorough analysis of medical specials packages, our clients are always provided with complete analysis and documented recommendations.

casualty claims - vicious dogDon’t leave your vital liability adjustments in the hands of the mega-companies that may have an address in every city, but often not an adjuster. You deserve quality liability investigations from experienced adjusters who will provide you with insight, advice and the tools you need to close your claim quickly and effectively!

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