…the difference is clear.

VANGUARD still cares about giving our clients what they want, the way they want it. Through sheer size or a simple lack of understanding, many adjusting companies have become so set in their ways that they operate almost as if it is a privilege for their clients to give them business!

There is no attention paid to:

  • Report Customization
  • Timeliness of Services
  • Good Faith Adjustments
  • Returning Phone Calls

Not so with VANGUARD. You will find our personnel to always be accessible and ready to provide you with immediate answers to your claims questions.

Our goal is total client satisfaction and our tools are:

  • Stringent File Diary Maintenance
  • 24/7 Client Access to Claims Data
  • Communication Via E-Mail Whenever Possible
  • Low Adjuster Pendings
  • Strict Compliance with State AND Client Handling Standards

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