…the difference is clear.

Tracey Seals, AIC – Casualty Claims Supervisor
Ms. Seals has steadily risen within the VANGUARD organization from its very early days and now holds the title of Casualty Claims Supervisor. With “hands on” involvement, Ms. Seals oversees third party claims adjustment for VANGUARD and has developed a reputation for detail, organization and thorough reporting. Used her 16 years of multi-line claims experience, Ms Seals specializes in medical specials review, subrogation and salvage recoveries and coverage analysis. While directing a growing staff of Casualty Adjusters, Ms. Seals is an integral part of VANGUARD’s success.

Brian Gilliam – Property Claims Supervisor
Having been with us from our early days, Mr. Gilliam has worn many hats in his varied service to VANGUARD. Beginning his career with VANGUARD as a Casualty Field Adjuster, it was not long before Mr. Gilliam had fully invested himself in property lines coverages as well. Mr. Gilliam has accrued an impressive list of titles in his years of service including Desk Adjuster, Multi-Line Field Adjuster, Subrogation Specialist, CAT Deployment Supervisor, and even Marketing Coordinator. Mr. Gilliam currently operates as our Property Claims Supervisor where he is able to use his considerable skills to analyze complicated coverage matters, oversee large and/or difficult losses and administer and direct his growing team of Field Adjusters.

Jonathan Dunn – Field Adjuster
Mr. Dunn is one of our key adjusters, having successfully operated both as a casualty AND property adjuster for VANGUARD. Mr. Dunn has proven to be one of our most versatile field technicians constantly utilizing an analytical approach to adjusting and detailed property damage assessments as he spars with Public Adjusters, Contractors and Plaintiff Attorneys. His finance degree also serves him well in his thorough Business Interruption and ALE adjustments. Although trained as a Multi-Line Field Adjuster, Mr. Dunn is predominately handling first party losses for VANGUARD.

Donald Temean – Senior Casualty Adjuster
Although he has invested 33 years in the industry as a Casualty Field Adjuster, Mr. Temean shows no signs of slowing down. His natural ability to cut to the heart of an investigation has resulted in a long held reputation for delivering the highest quality casualty adjustments. His extended tenure as a claims professional has resulted in aggressive Bodily Injury negotiations and an eye for fraudulence. Mr. Temean operates as both a Casualty Field Adjuster and Casualty Claims Trainer for VANGUARD.

Robert Fleckenstein – Field Adjuster
Mr. Fleckenstein is a seasoned property adjuster who specializes in coverage interpretation and detailed estimate compilation. Having received a head start working as a General Contractor for a number of years before entering the insurance industry, Mr. Fleckenstein learned his adjusting skills and understanding of coverages while working as a staff adjuster with one of the region’s premiere insurance companies. Now settled in with VANGUARD, Mr. Fleckenstein’s expertise in both residential and commercial property exposures is evident as he handles both small and large scale losses. Mr. Fleckenstein operates as a Property Field Adjuster for VANGUARD.

Randy Young – Field Adjuster – Pittsburgh
Located in the Pittsburgh region, Mr. Young is a Multi-Line Field Adjuster with 10 years of concentrated experience. Mr. Young’s background includes a number of years as a residential contractor and an auto body technician. In fact, in addition to his talents as field adjuster, Mr. Young is also VANGUARD’s only licensed auto appraiser. With unflappable good humor and consistent dedication excellent adjustments, Mr. Young is an important part of the Pittsburgh office’s impressive growth and success.

Jeff Gentile – Field Adjuster
Mr. Gentile operates as both a Casualty Field Adjuster and as our Subrogation Recovery Administrator. In his tenure with VANGUARD, he has quickly established a reputation as a tenacious investigator. Mr. Gentile has a deep background of experience which includes fields as diverse as construction management to mortgage banking. Exposure to such a wide array of facilities serves Mr. Gentile well as he brings his considerable negotiating skills to bear on Plaintiff Attorneys and Subrogation Attorneys alike. His dedication to our client’s interests has made Mr. Gentile an integral part of VANGUARD’s casualty and recovery operations.

Paul Peterson – Claims Administrator
Mr. Peterson is an important component to the VANGUARD team. Having come to VANGUARD from a prior position as General Manager of a large retail agency, Mr. Peterson brought with him a fully developed understanding of both customer service and insurance procedures. Those skills are now utilized on each loss he administers. Mr. Peterson operates within VANGUARD’s Third Party Administration (TPA) division concentrating on property claim administration. He interacts on a daily basis with field adjusters, experts, insureds, Public Adjusters as well as Coverholders and our London contacts in order to facilitate timely administration of all of his claims. Mr. Peterson operates as a TPA Claims Administrator

Krystle Massaro – Claims Administrator
Demonstrated skills at claims administration and client management have allowed Ms. Massaro to quickly rise in the ranks here at VANGUARD to her present position with our TPA Division. Having come to VANGUARD with a Paralegal Certification, Ms. Massaro brought with her a fully developed understanding of legal processes and is particularly adept at coverage analysis. Those skills are now utilized on each loss she administers. As with our other administrators, Ms. Massaro interacts on a daily basis with field adjusters, experts, insureds, Public Adjusters, Coverholders and our various London contacts. Ms. Massaro operates as a TPA Claims Administrator.

R. Michael Wilson – Claims Administrator
Mr. Wilson comes to VANGUARD with years of administrative, field adjusting and general contracting experience most recently having worked for one of the region’s oldest and most highly regarded carriers. With a continuing drive for knowledge, Mr. Wilson has accrued numerous designations including his Associate in Claims (AIC), Property Claims Law Associate (PCLA), Associate In Insurance Services (AIS) and Associate In General Insurance (AINS). By combining this industry specific knowledge with his years of adjusting and contracting experience, Mr. Wilson delivers consistently solid claims administration that includes pointed direction to IAs and deep levels of investigation and damage analysis. Mr. Wilson operates as a TPA Administrator.

Regis Woodley – Financial Support Associate
Ms. Woodley operates behind the scenes in support of the TPA Division’s numerous financial transactions. With a steady hand and unparalleled organizational skills, Ms. Woodley is deeply involved in check issuance across all programs, but also maintains account funding, posts transactions and is an integral part of our monthly bordereaux process. She is also responsible for “cash call” and fund account communications with the London Broker and will, on occasion, assist with other functions such as report production and management team support. Ms. Woodley works closely with our Secretary/Treasurer as a Financial Support Associate

Christina Miller – Claims Assistant
Ms. Miller operates behind the scenes in support of VANGUARD’s numerous field personal. With quiet consistency, report production, diary maintenance and communication assistance are provided to VANGUARD’s field adjusters and management team. Ms. Miller also addresses insured and client status requests, invoicing and vendor interface. A an important part of our CAT Response Plan, when needed, Ms. Miller will assemble and oversee clerical support teams to provide increased service capacity in times of high claim volume. Ms. Miller’s tireless administrative assistance is a key factor in VANGUARD’s consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.

Ashley Gilliam – Claims Assistant
In her support role and as VANGUARD’s newest addition, Ms. Gilliam maintains organization of diary, billing/invoice functions and assists with the creation of monthly bordereaux. She also operates as the first level liaison with the assigned IAs and other key vendors on active claims. Assisting all of VANGUARD’s administration personnel, Ms. Gilliam helps provide the office support and is a key component to maintaining the efficiency and superior customer service that are the hallmarks of a VANGUARD administered program. Ms. Gilliam is our first “second generation” Gilliam and operates as a Claims Assistant.

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